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Create Your Own Sculpture

On this page you will find instructions and a template to create your own Memory House Sculpture.

This activity was based on my sculptural installation at Doon Pioneer Community Centre in the front window space for City of Kitchener’s Reimagine Winter project (Jan 6 - Feb. 6, 2021).

You can view the installation and learn more at the bottom of the page.

Materials you will need:

Camera, printer, drawing / writing materials, paper, glue, scissors, additional collage materials

This project can be adapted if you do not have a printer or camera available. 


Explore your neighbourhood


Take (or draw!) pictures

of your home, other objects, buildings and images from nature. You can also use Google street view, to incorporate multiple times periods, or to go on a “virtual walk".


Collect your content & ideas

It can be poetic or use symbolism

Did you begin to think about family? Maybe find old family photos to integrate! Have a specific memory? Think of an image you could use to represent that. Feel free to incorporate images found online, in magazines or add your own drawings.


Uncover your story

Begin to recognize themes

Make some notes and begin to write a bit about your experience to form the concept and images for your sculpture. Work on how you will tell a story with pictures.


Print the sculpture template

And any photos you will use

If you do not have a printer, you can use the template below as a reference to draw your own. Print the photos you took as well so you can begin collaging!


Download the template here.


Create a layout & collage

Time for cut & paste

You can also collage drawings and found images if you do not have a printer. Once you are happy with your collaged creation glue everything in place on the template.

Fold & glue

Into a 3D sculpture

You can scan and reprint the collage to create a smooth finish, or, just go ahead and fold the collaged template. Secure the tabs with glue or tape.


I would love to see your finished creations! 
Share on Instagram with #memoryhousesculpture and tag:
@allie.brenner and @cityofkitchener

Memory Lightbox Sculptures

Jan. 6 - Feb. 6, 2021

Doon Pioneer Community Centre, Front Window Space

Reimagine Winter, Curated by: City of Kitchener, Art & Industries Team

Through the collection of content from online archives, google street view, shared photographs, found images, and visualization of personal stories, these Memory Lightbox Sculptures explore imagery of houses in Kitchener-Waterloo that have now been demolished. The work engages multiple time periods and references to reconstruct place and bring attention to the community's changing landscape. The viewer is presented with the collaged moments crystallized into house shaped sculptures filled with light. 

Featured locations:
19 Bridgeport Road East, Waterloo
16 George Street, Waterloo
739 Rockway Drive, Kitchener

Thank you to community members who shared photographs, memories and stories with me.
Those who lived in the homes and those who had connections to them.

Lissa Beaucage, Angie Schilling, Tessa Jennison.

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