Materials: Acrylic 2447 lighting white, Translucent vinyl, digital collage



Housenumber_street.jpg explores imagery of houses in Kitchener Waterloo that have been demolished. The work confronts the viewer with images from multiple time periods and a recognition of the areas changing landscape. Through the collection of content from online archives, google street view, shared photographs, found images, and visualization of personal stories, this work engages multiple references to reconstruct place. The work crystallizes this content to create simplified house shaped sculptures that are filled with light.

Featured locations:
19 Bridgeport Road East, Waterloo
16 George Street, Waterloo
739 Rockway Drive, Kitchener

Thank you to community members who shared photographs, memories and stories with me.

Those who lived in the homes featured, and those who had connections to them.

Lissa Beaucage, Angie Schilling, Tessa Jennison

Image one photo credit to Jennifer Janik

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